Although he is best known for his reputation as a contemporary master of expressionism painting, Frank Hoeffler is an experience expert in many other mediums, subjects, and styles. A native of Wisconsin, Frank is a classically trained professional artist whose formal art school training included advanced studios of multiple artistic mediums. He began his art career at an early age and still yearns for the opportunity to be more creative with his art. He started painting in his free time as a vehicle of self-expression and over the years his work developed into his current style of abstract art. His painting subjects art influenced by nature, particularly the landscape and atmosphere around him, all of which were major elements of his environment as a youth.

His work has been established in museums and galleries throughout the country and featured in many solo shows. He exhibits in a  multitude of national and international juried shows and his  artwork has won many prestigious awards. He has juried many art shows and is also popular with artists as a workshop instructor.

He has been published in International Contemporary Artists Vol IV by ICA Publishing New York, NY and three times in New Art International “A Compendium of Recent Works by World Contemporary Artists.”, Book Art Press: Publishers, New York. and he has been featured in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles. His paintings are in over 1,000 public,  corporate, and private collections worldwide.

Original works of art by Frank Hoeffler are available at his studio gallery; The Sadler Gallery, 3rd Ward Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Hair and Gallery Guys & Dolls, Germantown, Wisconsin. He also offers instruction in oil painting and is currently accepting new students.